Colouring in

Recently, I overheard a child speak with such dismay and trepidation about how she had not finished her colouring in when the time for colouring had indeed finished.

It was clear that at this moment this was the most troubling thing of her life. All I could imagine was telling this child to wait until they are at the stage I am.

Then it occurred to me that there can easily be someone out there who views upon me the exact same way as I had just done towards the child. My worries are just as futile as the child’s. To someone, I am the child.

Now I ask myself, what is the upmost important thing to worry about? Who doesn’t have someone looking down on them judging their pointless complications?

I presume the eldest people in society, the individuals lying in their deathbeds. Indeed they always seem to be reviewing their life gone by and they appear to regret two things.

The extensive time they wasted on all the things they now see are futile, and the risks they never took.

  • The girl they never asked out, because they were afraid
  • The trip they never took, because they had a job
  • The person they¬†never¬†stood up to, because they didn’t have the guts

Well, I (now) say “What the heck, go ahead and do it, and have fun doing it too”

As they say, you only live once.


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